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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A proposed discussion on clothes stain remover.

I have three boys who love to haul dirt (stolen line). So as you can imagine I do need to use stain remover sometimes. I have tried a few different sprays etc but I always seem to go back to SARD WONDER soap. Its actually cheaper than the sprays and goes further, in my own experience. I think a soap bar costs under $3 dollars but will confirm that on my next run to a supermarket. A good tip is to put the cake of soap in an old stocking /pantyhose so it lathers up well.

Does anyone have any better, cheaper or preferred stain removal methods?

Oh yeah and the best bet is to hit a stain immediately where possible. Try and figure out if it needs a hot or cold water wash so it doesn't set. Also avoid leaving things damp in piles or you'll discover impossible to remove mould.

Another tip for children who refuse to wear bibs or outgrown them. Keep handy a couple of really old T-shirts that are about one size up ( need good necklines though) to put over regular clothes at meal times.

I'd love a discussion on this so please leave a comment if you can.


  1. Hey J! I was waiting for your secret in suspense and was surprised to hear it is the same as mine - Sard Wonder Soap is what I use too, and so cheap! Thans for the bib tip - Maggie loves to experiment with the exciting new solids thing :P Looking forward to hearing more tips from others too!

  2. Hi J, I actually have never used Sard Wonder soap, but will give it a try now! I have a regular cake of soap hung from my laundry tap in a crocheted cover (so I guess similar idea to a stocking?). I use this particularly on the boy's (Daddy included) white shirt collars. Works really well. Otherwise, if the stain is really stubborn I soak it for a few days in nappy san - but I don't find nappy san in the wash makes a hole lot of difference!
    Aother idea - my sister-in-law showed me a stain remover she uses called EXIT. It is a little rectangular yellow bar that you rub on the stain and it is supposed to work really well on all those really bad stains like blood, lipstick, and grease. I saw them this week in Target for about $4, but left it there and then saw it again in Trade Secret for $2.95 - so I picked one up. Once I've given it a go I'll let you know the results!
    I'd love some new ideas too - so I'll keep watch for other comments! :)

  3. I am interested to see how EXIT goes. Will have to get one before they move on the stock. Thanks ladies for the discussion

  4. I agree J, Sard Wondersoap was the best thing I have found - and getting to stains immediately is absolutely the best way to go; I always at least put a bit of cold water on a stain as soon as it happens, if that's all I can do at the time. It is a good tip to use it inside an old stocking too :)
    Something else I have found that I just love - it always amazes me how well it works, is Preen 'Vanish' for carpet-cleaning (it comes in a pink can). You know that we have almost white carpets, and this spray seems to get out any mark - it's great.
    There is always Napisan for soaking, and bleach, when all else fails :)


  5. Hello again J. Just came across this and wondered if you might be interested? It's a recycling web site, at:
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