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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sandy M says more about cheap movie tickets

Hi J! I just found out that you can get cheap BCC movie tickets, that work at the Hyperdome too, just by going to this site and printing out the coupons!

(Or you can google 'clever coupons'.)

I hadn't known about it until yesterday, and we've be using $9.50 Diggers cards for ages and thinking they were a good deal! The movie cards from this site are $7.50 at the moment, but are sometimes only $6.50. Each coupon is for 4 tickets, and they take it from you at the ticket office.

Definitely worth a look if you didn't know about this already.



  1. Thank you to Sandy for supplying the above information.

  2. thanks Sandy! We are taking the kids on the weekend, with of them this will really help!! Aliessa

  3. Abby rang to ask me if I was sure that the Hyperdome cinemas take these - yes! Some friends used them on Friday, and Neil and I used them on Saturday:)

  4. After posting about movie tickets I got a card in the mail for $7 movies for up to 4 people resuable up until late September. But after that I will look up these coupons. Thanks again Sandy.