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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aldi yoghurt part 2

So here's some feedback. My neighbour who also makes EasiYo tried the Aldi Yoghurt Sachet in her EasiYo maker and it turned out beautifully. She gave me a taste of the ALDI Greek Yoghurt she made and it was thick and creamy. I asked if she knew if it was going to be a product they sell all the time. She said it looks more like its just in the special section and probably wont be permanent. So we are both gonna stock up on packets that's if I get to it in time amongst my packing. Oh and the ALDI sachet makes up one litre of yoghurt just like EasiYo. Its a Brookdale product and apparently comes from New Zealand as does EasiYo. NZ have always been good for dairy products.


  1. I made the ALDI strawberry flavour it was a little runny and and ok in taste not brilliant. Will try and see how my second batch goes.

  2. Thanks J, my sister and I were just discussing ALDI yoghurt a couple of days ago and wondering the very same thing! So I am very glad to see your post! Thanks heaps :)