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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

EasiYo - From scratch or not from scratch that is the question?

The other day I dropped by my Mum's house (as I often do) and she started to give me a few taste tests of the things she had recently cooked most of which from scratch. My mum is a fabulous and talented lady and has a knack for cooking things from scratch. What I like most about this is that most times she can provide a cheaper alternative foods with no yucky preservatives, additives and colourings found in store bought foods.

I am not a Master Chef in fact I am a Minor Cook. So I am kinda a in the middle of the road food preparer. One thing I am loving right now is making Easi Yo Yoghurt its from a packet but i believe it works out cheaper and healthier than store bought yoghurts. It's also a very good food storage item to have because it doesn't require a culture starter to make. Here's the low down:
  • You buy the yoghurt maker kit from a supermarket in the dessert section.
  • You also buy your yoghurt packs in the same section.
  • Price comparisons - DONT BUY FROM IGA they are the most expensive.
  • Coles and Woolies are comparative so I usually stock up on a couple when they are on special.
  • Woolies has Greek Easi Yo on special for $2.99 this week and it is beautiful.
  • Big W sell the packets too, I think at the cheapest price, especially if you like to use Natural yoghurt. I think you get a pack of three for about $7 dollars something (will check out).
  • Each pack makes a litre container the same as your standard Yoplait size yoghurt.
  • There are great HEALTH benefits because they are post set etc. Google for more info.
  • Standard everyday woolies prices are about $2.90 for Natural; $3.60-$3.90 for flavoured yoghurts.
  • They do taste a little tarter then the Yoplait etc. But our children still eat it like mad.
  • Of course there's no fruit in the packets so we add our own when we want.
  • It takes about 8 hours to make one packet but you can safely leave it for 24 hours I believe to cook. Then allow for chill time.
  • You only add water to the sachet and sugar if you want to sweeten the plain flavours.
  • You only need boiling water to pour into the cooking thermos.
  • It is not an electric based yoghurt maker.
Hopefully I've answered all possible questions. If not ask away.

Incidentally Mum made home-made soft cheese from sour milk. The result was about 250 grams of cheese from 2 litres of milk. She promptly said that she can now understand why cheese is so expensive when you look at the costs and efforts involved. We shared a laugh as she agreed to continue to buy cheese rather than make cheese from scratch.


  1. I love Easiyo yoghurt but sometimes it doesn't seem that economical when it is the same price as a tub (on special).
    I have a recipe for easiyo which uses 2 tablespoons of the sachet mixture with powdered milk. This way I get a few large tubs out of the one sachet packet, which really does make it cheap.
    Our favourite is the Greek yoghurt with the fruit squirt-ins from Big W.

  2. I agree on the fact that a mark down yoghurt is often more economical. That is why we usually stock up on the EasiYo when it is on special. But we still buy chilled yoghurt from the shops every so often when it is on special.

    Do you feel like sharing your recipe that makes the EasiYo stretch? Please?

    Oh and thanks for squirt-ins tip because I haven't tried them yet.